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Qirate enhances your position and boosts direct bookings!

All the information you need showed on the map

When guests choose a hotel, they do not evaluate only the economic aspect but also and especially if the place where it is located meets their travel needs or their lifestyle. To retrieve all the necessary information, they usually use external tools to your website and …. the reservation-process stops there. Qirate helps you to present on a map all geo-information relevant for the travel experience and logistics, allowing your guest to understand if the location meets their needs and accessing directly to your booking engine. Simple and effective!

Official and updated data

Qirate measures the quality of life in an urban area using various official data sources to gather the most complete and reliable information: geographical, statistical, environmental and economics from different sources to allow you to offer a complete and objective picture of the area of your interest

Tailored for you and your guests

Qirate enhances the best of your business’position and allows you to offer to your guests, in a personalized and intuitive way, all the information they need to finalize the booking. Qirate helps you receive direct bookings and positive reviews!

QIRATE for the hospitality industry

All you need for boosting you direct bookings!
  • Analytics

    Who is looking for your hotel?

    What is the reason of their  trip?

    What are your future guests looking for around?


    Perhaps until a customer has finalized the reservation you are not able to know it.

    Here is another fantastic feature of Qirate: the data analysis section.

    We analyze, in respect of privacy, the choices and interests of your  website visitors and in a simple dashboard we display travelers types and  most searched points of interests.

    With this data you will have an extra weapon to improve your online sales strategy!

  • Badge

    Show your target customers that your location is perfect for them!

    We have 6 specifics ratings for different users / interests:

    Families /  Qirate Family

    Business travellers /Qirate Business

    Food lovers / Qirate Food

    Party addicts / Qirate Nightlife

    Nature lovers /  Qirate Outdoor

    Cultural travellers / Culture


    Use our badge to certify your position! It is easy to integrate into your site with a few lines of code and allows you to use all Qirate map features.

  • Widget


    Add Qirate’s widget on your website and show your score to all potential customers.

    The widget certifies the quality of the neighborhood of your structure based on the analysis of all official information available regarding:  Environment and green areas, Transportation, Health services and Emergency, Shopping, Entertainment and Cultural attractions and many more!

    Insert Qirate widget on your website and show your score to all potential customers. Qirate  certifies the quality of the neighborhood of your property based on the analysis of all the official information.

    The widget allows you to provide your future guests, at a glance, all the information about your location to accelerate and convert bookings.

    In fact, in one screen they will be able to :

    • Analyze 10+ indicators on your location (Transportation, Shopping, Green areas and playgrounds, health services and many more)
    • See Points of interest / tourist attractions nearby
    • Interact ing with the rating to create a personalized one


    Why you should use our widget:

    • Is a booster for direct booking because it shows  to the end user all your location’ strengths and allows a detailed analysis thus dissolving any doubt without leaving your site. It also has a direct link to your booking engine.
    • It is Mobile friendly, viewable from any device.
    • It’s SEO friendly, it helps you, in fact, in indexing your site.
    • It is easily shareable  via social media
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