How much is the liveability of the place where you live?

Qirate Helps you find the right place according to your needs

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Tailored for you

Everyone has their own needs and Qirate allows you to measure the quality of life of a place in a personalized way. If you have a family and you have to move house because you increased or you have to stay in a city for business, Qirate helps you evaluate the best place for you, based on your preferences!

All the information you need showed on the map

When choosing home or a hotel not only assess the economic aspect but also and especially if the place where it is located it meets the needs of your lifestyle or the needs of your trip. Qirate analyze the geographical and environmental data on the place of your interest and results are summarized clearly and also highlighted on the map.

Official and updated data

Qirate measures the quality of life in an urban area using various official data sources to gather the most complete and reliable information: geographical, statistical, environmental and economics from different sources to allow you to have a complete and objective picture of the area of your interest

Qirate is an algorithm that measures the quality of life, or liveability, in urban areas

The name Qirate derives from the Arabic قيراط, qīrāṭ, carat, the unit of measurement of the precious stones. The logo depicts a diamond that summarizes the great value of what is measured and the facets deconstructed are to represent the streets and the neighbourhoods of the city.

Qirate will allow you to understand what is present in the area of ​​your interest, in terms of shops, transportation, public services, environmental conditions and other information that complete the concept of quality of life in just one click.

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