What’s missing in the information era

Travelling and moving, either as a tourist or for work, has become in the past fifteen, twenty years easier and more common, thanks to the rise of low cost air companies, Schengen agreements and the Internet. The Web in particular, if compared to the travel agencies and phone booking’s era, has greatly expanded the possibilities[…]

The difficult search for the perfect house finds new allies

Renting or, even more, buying a house is a very important moment of our life, a moment that almost always brings along radical changings we would like to handle the best way we can, in order not to deal with a future of disappointments, second thoughts, regrets. In this period there are many real estate[…]

Future web searches for housing and lodging has a name: Qirate

What do we mean when we speak of ratings, liveability, smart cities or smart growth? What lies behind these buzz-words? Clearly, we are talking about the needs of individuals, about informed choices, about environmental and social sustainability, about quality of life as an opportunity for economic growth. In short, we are talking about the future.[…]