Walking to school is good for children’s health and helps their growth

We seldom think about it, but the great majority of children and young people live in cities, where the urban environment offers them many and varied possibilities of personal evolution, and where 15-20% of movements are made by young people. Too bad that our cities are often conceived without regard to children and young people.[…]

Happiness is green. All the benefits of a next door park

What makes New York a more attractive city than many others, despite the presence of all big cities problems, from traffic to overcrowding? Central Park. With a size of nearly four square kilometers, equipped for all kind of sports and hang out activities, in the heart of the city, the park is considered by New[…]

Life at zero emission: the birth of walkable communities

There are situations, in medium and large cities (but now also in those of smaller size), which not only seem irremediable but actually getting worse. Traffic and mobility is the most macroscopic. Using cars in the city is almost always a frustrating, annoying and stressful experience, with an absurd loss of time and ecological costs[…]