Future web searches for housing and lodging has a name: Qirate

What do we mean when we speak of ratings, liveability, smart cities or smart growth? What lies behind these buzz-words? Clearly, we are talking about the needs of individuals, about informed choices, about environmental and social sustainability, about quality of life as an opportunity for economic growth. In short, we are talking about the future.


It is obvious to everyone that life in urban centres is in the throes of profound change, as towns and cities expand in terms of population, infrastructure and services, which in turn requires urban planning solutions to focus increasingly on sustainability. In our towns and cities two issues in particular have become particularly pressing: housing and mobility. And it is in response to these two problems that Studiomapp has created Qirate, an app that uses Fiware technology to measure quality of life or liveability in urban centres and especially smart cities. The consequences will be life-changing.


Before buying a house, making a hotel booking, or taking up a new job, Qirate (from the Arabic قيراط‎, qīrāṭ, carat, the unit of measure for gemstones) will tell you if the facilities in the area – in terms of shops, transportation, public services, environmental conditions and every other factor contributing to “quality of life” – meet your needs. Indeed, we might very soon be asking “What’s the Qirate?” of the area we’re interested in. Of course, “quality of life” is a highly subjective concept in that it differs from one individual to another (such indicators may include the cost of homes, business opportunities for young people, places at crèches and primary schools, pollution levels, ultra-broadband coverage, and the number of bookshops, bars, restaurants and cinemas), but the uniqueness and power of Qirate lies in its being exclusively tailored to each individual because, unlike other rating methods, it is we who decide what is important for our quality of life, and Qirate guides us to the right decision.


The Qirate rating is based entirely on the objectiveness of the data it uses, since its findings are derived from the integration of heterogeneous data and sources – mainly Open data – real-time sensors, environmental indices, IoT (Internet of Things), and crowdsourced data. Accordingly, the output will be predicated entirely on impartially analysed parameters, in order to provide a reliable and ground-breaking service through an app that not only has all the information required to create the identikit of a location, but which uses this information to produce the identikit of our location, the very thing we were looking for. This is what sets Qirate apart from the traditional market and justifies its status as the future of Web-based search tools.

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