Quali solo i luoghi giusti per vivere o soggiornare?

Abbiamo realizzato e diffuso sui social un sondaggio online con l’obiettivo di conoscere le priorità e le caratteristiche importanti del quartiere in cui si abita o si alloggia in vacanza. Hanno risposto più di 350 persone (che ringraziamo!) e oggi pubblichiamo i risultati. Buona lettura!

When objects become autonomous to make life easier: it’s the Internet of Things

Many of us, if not all of us, have probably seen at least once 1984’s Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In that story of more than thirty years ago – which back then seemed pure fiction – it appeared the nucleus for a current concept, the Internet of Things (IoT). The dystopian future the cyborg Terminator[…]

When the city is smart life becomes easier

People have always sought to tackle the problems of the cities in which they live. With the emergence of highly-advanced information and communications technologies (ICT) in the 21st century, the concept of the “smart city” has been formed.   Since 70% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, it is certainly a[…]

Visiting a big city riding a bike: a smart idea

Low cost flights and better deals in hotels and accommodation have made in recent years much easier and cheaper to travel in Italy and Europe, even for the duration of a weekend or taking advantage of the long weekends created by some strategic holydays. If we picked a capital or a medium to large city,[…]

Biking in winter, why not?

Winter is definitely not the best season to go riding. Or not? It is widely believed that in winter you cannot use your bike because temperatures are a bit more rigid, but this prejudice inhibits the use of a means of transport that knows instead no season and is suitable for everyday use throughout the[…]

Walking to school is good for children’s health and helps their growth

We seldom think about it, but the great majority of children and young people live in cities, where the urban environment offers them many and varied possibilities of personal evolution, and where 15-20% of movements are made by young people. Too bad that our cities are often conceived without regard to children and young people.[…]

Happiness is green. All the benefits of a next door park

What makes New York a more attractive city than many others, despite the presence of all big cities problems, from traffic to overcrowding? Central Park. With a size of nearly four square kilometers, equipped for all kind of sports and hang out activities, in the heart of the city, the park is considered by New[…]

Life at zero emission: the birth of walkable communities

There are situations, in medium and large cities (but now also in those of smaller size), which not only seem irremediable but actually getting worse. Traffic and mobility is the most macroscopic. Using cars in the city is almost always a frustrating, annoying and stressful experience, with an absurd loss of time and ecological costs[…]

What’s missing in the information era

Travelling and moving, either as a tourist or for work, has become in the past fifteen, twenty years easier and more common, thanks to the rise of low cost air companies, Schengen agreements and the Internet. The Web in particular, if compared to the travel agencies and phone booking’s era, has greatly expanded the possibilities[…]

The difficult search for the perfect house finds new allies

Renting or, even more, buying a house is a very important moment of our life, a moment that almost always brings along radical changings we would like to handle the best way we can, in order not to deal with a future of disappointments, second thoughts, regrets. In this period there are many real estate[…]